DSCF6850DSCF6654Petr Stacho is a glassmaker and painter based in Kamenický Šenov and Ústí nad Labem in the Czech Republic. A graduate of the Prague Academy of Applied Arts, where he studied glassmaking under professors Svoboda and Kopecký, Petr works as a professional artist and teaches glassmaking at the Glassmaking School in Kamenický Šenov – the oldest school of its kind on the World and Petr’s 12496056_1174321209262767_3147984378083960779_oown alma mater. Petr has an international reputation as a glassmaker and his work has been exhibited extensively both at home and abroad.

This site contains a selection of Petr’s work. For further details or to enquire about purchasing any item, please email Petr at petr@petrstacho.com, or by Facebook,clicking on icon.

CIRCULATION OF WATER-2017-click to open video
ANATOMY OF WATER (2016) click open a video
ANATOMY OF WATER (2016) click open a video
CIRCULATION (2017)-click to open video
ONE OF THOSE DAYS,kiln cast glass,cut and polished,54x28x17.5 cmJPG
ONE OF THOSE DAYS (2015) click open a video
PLAYING WITH WATER,kiln cast,cut and polished glass,50x37x16 cm,2016
PLAYING WITH WATER (2016) click open a video
CONTEXT ART exhibition in Miami (USA) 2015
China central academy of fine arts (CAFA) in Beijing,(CHINA) 2015
Exhibition in regional museum in Děčín ( Czech rep.)2015
Exhibition NO LIMITS in Sophia (BULGARIA),2016
Exhibition SOFA in Chicago(USA),2016
Exhibition Petr Stacho-GLASS FINE ART in Hamburg (GERMANY),2017
Lecture on Belarus national technical university in Minsk (BELARUS),2018
Exhibition TRIBUTE TO NATURE,Zadar (CROATIA),2019
Exhibition TRIBUTE TO NATURE,Zadar (CROATIA),2019
Glass Exhibition at Nişantaşı VitrA exhibition place, VBenzer in Istanbulu,(TURKEY), 2019
Glass Exhibition at Nişantaşı VitrA exhibition place, VBenzer in Istanbul,(TURKEY), 2019


Glassmaker and artist